ED 124 : Multicultural Practices: for Early Childhood Education

Develops awareness of how personal experiences, belief systems, and values impact work with children and families. Examines the impact of cultural, linguistic, and class identities and histories on inter-relationships in diverse populations. Applies techniques for incorporating other peoples histories, values and belief systems into child-and-family-centered practices.

Addendum to Course Description

This is the first of a two course series.  This class is intended to encourage students to reflect on their experiences, belief systems, and values and the impact those experiences, values, and beliefs have on practice with children and families.  The second class in this series (Multicultural Practices:  Curriculum and Implementation) will introduce students to the creation, implementation, and evaluation of inclusionary and anti-bias curricula and environments.

Course Outcomes

  1. Identify the influences on self-identity, including culture, race, language, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, and class.
  2. Recognize others identities as the product of cultural, linguistic and class influences.
  3. Assess cultural-, linguistic-, and class-related experiences and needs in learning communities for young children (infancy-school age) and their families.

Additional Information

This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Cultural Literacy

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