Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Less than One-Year Certificate

The Emergency Medical Services Department offers career training for entry-level positions in emergency medical settings. Ambulance companies, fire departments, police departments, and various other industries requiring emergency medical services may employ EMS Providers. After successful completion of all requirements for EMT or AEMT,  training, the student is eligible to apply to take the respective state licensure exams.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department trains and educates EMS professionals to excel in meeting the needs of the community. EMS Providers respond to medical emergencies by providing immediate care and transportation to the ill and injured. This department combines classroom lectures, hands-on skills labs and appropriate cooperative clinical and field experience to provide students with cognitive, psychomotor, and affective competence to function as effective EMS providers.

The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) provides basic and limited advanced emergency medical care and transportation for critical and emergent patients who access the emergency medical system. AEMTs function as part of a comprehensive EMS response, under medical oversight, performing interventions with the basic and advanced equipment typically found on an ambulance. The AEMT is a link from the scene to the emergency health care system. Minimum 20 credits. Students must meet all certificate requirements.

Certificate Outcomes

  • Perform the professional functions of an entry-level Advanced Emergency Medical Technician.

Minimum 20 credits. Students must meet all certificate requirements.


1.    At least 6 credits must be earned at OCCC, all of which must apply to the certificate requirements.
2.    The final 6 credits that apply to the certificate must be earned at OCCC; the department chair may waive this requirement if the student can demonstrate currency in the field.

Academic Prerequisites

  • WR 115; MTH 20; RD 90
  • Must have completed high school or GED.
  • Applicants for EMS courses must meet all prerequisites prior to registration into EMS courses.
  • Submit photocopies of transcripts, immunization documentation and completed application to the EMS Department for review. Contact department office for instructions. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applicants for the paramedic level must complete a departmental selection process.

Non-Academic Prerequisites

  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

  • Must have documented results of: TB exam (within 6 months), MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella immunity) if born after 12-31-56, Tdap (within past 10 years), Hepatitis B immunization series started, Varicella (chicken pox immunity), influenza (one dose each year for students needing clinical placement).

  • AHA Healthcare Provider BLS (CPR) or ASHI CPR-Pro card current through certification/licensure testing.

Additional Requirements

Satisfactory Criminal History Background check and drug screening will be mandatory to qualify for clinical rotations and state licensure. The cost for Criminal History Background check and drug screening is the responsibility of the applicant/student. Applicants and students must demonstrate a personal history compatible with being certified as Emergency Medical Services applicant. All applicants are required to check the Disqualifying Crimes and Potentially Disqualifying Crimes list

Every Emergency Medical Services program applicant and student must answer questions to determine if there is personal history of: 

  • conviction for a criminal offense or
  • physical or mental health problems that might interfere with the requirements of nursing practice.
  • Failure to provide truthful and complete answers to these questions will result in denial of admission for applicants and dismissal for students.
  • If the college becomes aware of criminal or unethical behavior on the part of the applicant, admission will be denied.

A student admitted to the program with a history of substance abuse will be monitored for indications of a recurrence of substance abuse per College policy. Any student whose behavior, appearance, or breath odor indicates inappropriate use of alcohol or other drugs can be required to undergo immediate drug testing to detect the presence of alcohol or other drugs and to report the results of such testing to the CTE Director. The student’s status in the program will be reviewed by the medical assistant faculty and the director. Any required testing and counseling shall be at the student’s expense. Failure to follow a counselor- prescribed treatment plan will result in dismissal from the pro

Applicants should be aware that the following questions are asked on the National Registry EMT and/or the Oregon EMT Application:

  1. Do you or have you had within the past 10 years, any physical or mental condition that impairs, could impair, or has impaired your ability to perform the duties of an EMS Provider? If you answer yes, explain whether your condition is controlled by medication or other treatment and how your condition treated or untreated, affects your ability to perform the duties of an EMS Provider.
  2. Do you or have you used in the last 10 years, any drug or chemical substance for other than legitimate medical purposes that impairs or has impaired your ability to perform the duties of an EMS Provider?
  3. Have you been counseled about, diagnosed with, or treated for, a dependency on alcohol or drugs within the last 10 years?
  4. Have you ever been arrested, charged with, or convicted of any misdemeanor or felony? (Minor traffic violations need not be reported.)
  5. Has an employer or supervising physician taken disciplinary action against you related to your duties as an EMS Provider? (Discipline includes suspension, letter of reprimand, resignation in lieu of termination, a limitation or restriction of scope of practice or dismissal for cause.)
  6. Have you been named in a lawsuit alleging medical malpractice or misconduct related to providing medical care?
  7. Have you ever been disciplined, denied or revoked by the National Registry of EMTs or any health care certifying/licensing agency?
  8. Have you ever surrendered or resigned a health care license or certificate?
  9. Have you lived, worked or attended school outside of Oregon for 60 or more consecutive days in the last 5 years?

Academic Requirements

  • Attendance of the first session of each course is mandatory. Students missing the first class will be dropped from the roster by the department.

Technical Standards for Students with Disabilities Information

Emergency Medical Services is a physically and mentally challenging occupation. Education related to this field is designed to prepare students for these challenges. Emergency Medical Service students must be able to meet all established essential academic and clinical requirements to successfully complete the program. Persons with questions concerning qualifications are encouraged to contact the Health and Human Services office for individual consultation prior to formal application.

OCCC Emergency Medical Services provides the information on technical standards with examples of learning activities to inform prospective and enrolled students of the skills required in completing their chosen profession’s curriculum and in the provision of health care services.

These technical standards reflect the performance abilities and characteristics that are necessary to successfully complete the requirements of clinical based health care programs. The technical standards are available on the college website.

Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to contact Dean of Students 541-867-8501. To be eligible for a reasonable accommodation, applicants must provide clear documentation of their disability. The Dean of Students is responsible for determining if reasonable accommodations can be identified and ensuring that accommodations are provided for OCCC students. These services are confidential and are separate from the nursing and college application processes. Early contact with the Dean of Students will ensure that accommodations can be made available when students begin the program.

Program Costs

Please refer to the college website for current program costs. Contact Student Services at 541-867-8503 to find out about Financial Aid eligibility.

Additional Information: Please refer to the college web page for EMT  for additional information including application to the program.

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