MTH 241: Calculus for Management, Life and Social Science

Credits 4
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This course is designed for non-mathematics majors in business, life or social science. Includes limits, continuity, derivatives, and integrals. Investigates applications from science, business, and social science perspectives.

Course Outcomes
  • Work with calculus concepts in various situations and use correct mathematical terminology, notation, and symbolic processes in order to be prepared for future coursework in business and social sciences that requires the use of and an understanding of the concepts of calculus.
  • Recognize calculus concepts that are encountered in business and social sciences and communicate what the underlying mathematics indicate to help another person gain insight into the situation.
  • Analyze business and social science scenarios to recognize when calculus can be applied, formulate problems about the scenarios, creatively model these scenarios (using technology, if appropriate) in order to solve the problems using multiple approaches, judge if the results are reasonable, and then interpret and clearly communicate the results.
Grading Options
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