MTH 58: Math Literacy I

Credits 4
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Introduces pattern recognition, estimation and number sense, working with units, spreadsheets, linear equations and inequalities. Explores how to clearly communicate arguments supported by quantitative evidence using words, tables, graphs, and mathematical equations. Supports collaborative learning through class group interaction. TI-83 or TI-84 calculator required.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Make accurate inferences and conclusions based upon data presented in graphical or tabular format.
  • Demonstrate how units are used in measurement and in calculation.
  • Recognize linear and non-linear patterns.
  • Derive, solve, and model with linear equations and inequalities in one variable.
  • Estimate values based upon data presented in numerical, tabular and graphical form.

Equivalent placement test scores also accepted.

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