MTH 98: Math Literacy

Credits 4
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This is a survey course in mathematics for students in the liberal arts and other non-science majors. Introduces concepts from arithmetic, algebra, and introductory statistics. Explores how to clearly communicate sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative evidence using spreadsheets, words, tables, graphs, and mathematical equations, as appropriate. Supports collaborative learning through class group interaction.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to

  • Use and integrate several different types of technology to explore and analyze data to solve problems.
  • Make reasonable conclusions based upon data or situations modeled by a normal distribution.
  • Identify, model and problem solve with linear and non-linear equations.
  • Calculate probability and percentages for both contextual and graphical applications.
  • Compute and interpret standard deviation, measures of central tendency, weighted mean, and expected value.
  • Evaluate simple and compound interest formulas for various scenarios.
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