STAT 243Z: Elementary Statistics I

Credits 4
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A first course in statistics focusing on the interpretation and communication of statistical concepts. Introduces exploratory data analysis, descriptive statistics, sampling methods and distributions, point and interval estimates, hypothesis tests for means and proportions, and elements of probability and correlation. Technology will be used when appropriate. Concurrent enrollment in the corequisite STAT 243L may be required.

Course Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Critically read, interpret, report, and communicate the results of a statistical study along with evaluating assumptions, potential for bias, scope, and limitations of statistical inference.
  • Produce and interpret summaries of numerical and categorical data as well as appropriate graphical and/or tabular representations.
  • Use the distribution of sample statistics to quantify uncertainty and apply the basic concepts of probability into statistical arguments.
  • Identify, conduct, and interpret appropriate parametric hypothesis tests.
  • Assess relationships in quantitative bivariate data.

Equivalent placement test scores also accepted. MTH98 or higher also accepted. Students have the option of taking the co-requisite STAT 243ZL in place of completing the prerequisites. IRW115 may be taken in place of (WR115 and RD115).

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Additional Information

This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Science, Math, Computer Science/AAOT, Science, Math, Computer Science/AS, Science, Math, Computer Science/ASOT-B, Science, Math, Computer Science/AAS, Science, Math, Computer Science/AGS.