NUR 145 : Introduction to Pharmacology & Pathophysiology

Introduces connections between pathophysiology of selected disease processes, associated pharmacological treatments and nursing responsibilities.



Course Outcomes

  • Use knowledge of pharmacodynamics and pathophysiology to identify nursing implications associated with administration of medications from select drug classifications.
  • Relate the pathophysiology of select disorders to the actions and nursing implications associated with caring for patients receiving medications for those disorders.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of drug therapy, focusing on interpretation of nursing assessments to detect therapeutic effects, side effects and adverse reactions, and drug-drug, drug-food, and drug-natural product interactions for specific classes of drugs.
  • Use knowledge of select drug classifications, uses, general drug actions, adverse reactions, contraindications, precautions and interactions to outline a patient plan of care.
  • Teach patients and family members regarding safe and effective use of drugs.

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