NUR 242: Care of Patients in Situations of Crisis and in Community

Credits 12
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Covers clinical decision-making when providing care to patients with complex physical needs. Focuses on patients experiencing acute and chronic high acuity illness; palliative and end of life care and disaster preparedness. Includes the fifth skills laboratory section in the Nursing sequence.

Course Outcomes
  • Develop comprehensive, holistic, individualized plans of care for patients with community based health care needs, and in planning care for patients with oncologic, cardiovascular, renal, respiratory, and neurologic problems.
  • Function with increased independence in clinical decision-making, and the application of nursing processes to patients with complex and acute problems.
  • Develop discharge plans that reflect understanding of community resources and individual patient/family needs.
  • Communicate therapeutically with patients experiencing complex and acute health care needs.
  • Assume responsibility for the “Manager of Care” role including the process of effective delegation.
  • Identify nursing responsibilities related to local/national disaster response.
  • Utilize professional values and responsibilities inherent in the registered nurse role in providing nursing care.
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