NUR 243: Preparation for Entry into Practice

Credits 8
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Presents concepts in nursing management and professional nursing issues. Includes a clinical preceptorship within a health care setting.

Course Outcomes
  • Use clinical decision-making, critical thinking skills and evidence based practice in the application of the nursing process for assigned patients.
  • Communicate effectively and collaboratively with patients, families, their preceptor, and other members of the healthcare team.
  • Assume responsibility for the “Manager of Care” role; overseeing the patient plan of care for an assigned patients.
  • Compare and contrast aspects of healthcare systems and their impact on patient outcomes.
  • Improve quality of care with evidence-based practices, within the scope of nursing.
  • Use sound judgment and decision-making based upon professional values and established nursing standards of care.
  • Show readiness for seeking employment as a registered nurse.
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