PE 247: Surfing

Credits 1
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Introduces the fundamentals of the sport of surfing; including the history, safety, and etiquette of surfing. Covers the knowledge and experience needed to make intelligent decisions regarding present and future surfing sessions. Includes pool sessions and surfing in the ocean.

Each student will be charged an additional $105.00 on top of the class tuition to cover the cost of the pool rental, surfing gear, and additional instructors. All students will be required to provide their own transportation to the Newport Swimming Pool and Ossies Surf Shop on the days scheduled for those specific activities. All surfing rental gear will be provided by Ossies Surf Shop; student provides own swim suit, towel, and water bottle for the pool and surfing sessions.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic skills required to identify, catch, and ride waves.
  • Describe and exhibit proper surfing etiquette.
  • Perform appropriate surfboard maintenance.
  • Promote awareness of environmental issues as they relate to surfing.
  • Identify and describe appropriate beach weather conditions to determine whether or not it is safe to engage in any activities in the area.
Grading Options
Letter Grades