Physical Education


PE 120: Archery

Credits 1

This archery course teaches the fundamental techniques of archery shooting. Students will learn safety, rules, and proper techniques to help establish a foundation for improvement while shooting at both a variety of targets and distances. In person classes will promote psycho-motor development and physical fitness improvements. An emphasis will be placed on gaining knowledge of the history, science, and physical awareness components while learning to appreciate the connections with wildlife and the outdoors. There are numerous opportunities for individual and team scoring tournaments so students will gain a thorough understanding of the sport of archery.

PE 141A: Disc Golf

Credits 1

Provides disc golf instruction in skills, drills and game play. Emphasizes history, etiquette, rules, vocabulary and strategy. Promotes skill related components of physical fitness (agility, balance, coordination, power, speed and reaction time).

Students will play at nearby parks, to be determined. Will need to bring 3 discs (driver, mid-range disc and a putter.)

PE 182A: Beginning Group Fitness

Credits 1

Promotes fitness, health, and overall wellness through structured group fitness classes. Introduces knowledge and skills needed to perform safe and proper group fitness exercises. Emphasizes improved cardiorespiratory conditioning, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Skills covered may vary by campus, term, and/or instructor.

Each student supplies his/her own clothing. Clothing should be loose and comfortable fitting for exercise. Shoes are mandatory and should be designed for aerobic exercise. Class format includes warm-up, a cardiovascular segment, muscular endurance and strength exercise, flexibility, and cooldown.

PE 182C: Walking for Fitness I

Credits 1

Introduces a self-paced walking program as a lifelong fitness activity that maintains and enhances physical fitness and well-being. Provides basic information and tools needed to understand, organize, plan, and implement a physical fitness program that features walking as the primary activity.

Student provides appropriate sport clothing activity. Sport shoes designed for walking are required.

PE 182G: Tai Chi II

Credits 1

Continues the exploration of theories and movement principles, meditation and Yi (mind) development introduced in Tai Chi I. Expands upon the basic techniques to develop a life-long practice of Tai Chi.

PE 182J: Gentle Yoga

Credits 1

Introduces Vinyasa yoga techniques to better manage stress. Incorporates a dynamic series of poses performed at a gentle pace. Covers basic yoga philosophy, asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation for a holistic approach to better health and wellness. Recommended for students with limited abilities and beginners who are not ready for Yoga I.

All gentle yoga students are required to participate in a one on one meeting with the instructor to assess the student’s physical and mental needs and goals. Based on the result of the one on one meeting, the class will be adjusted to the overall needs of the students. An average class includes asanas for the major muscle groups, breathing techniques, balance activities, and skills for stress management.   This course utilizes the use of equipment to help tailor fit the class to each individual student.

PE 182K: Yoga I

Credits 1

Introduces the values and skills of Hatha yoga. Includes basic yoga philosophy and exercises for increased flexibility, improved health, relaxation, and reduced stress in daily living.

An average class includes asanas (exercises) for the major muscle groups, breathing techniques, balance activities, and skills for stress management. Course includes teacher directed activity, outside class research, planning, and study, films, videotapes, and the practice of relaxation techniques.

PE 182L: Yoga II

Credits 1

Expands application of the values and skills of Hatha yoga. Includes intermediate yoga exercises for increased flexibility, improved health, relaxation, and reduced stress in daily living.

Conducted as a learning-performing type class with outside individual research to enrich students' knowledge and skill. It includes teacher and student directed activity. Includes asana practice, relaxation practice, and videos to enrich learning. Each student will select a topic for further exploration and present a report to the class and a written report to the instructor.

PE 182Q: Self-Paced Fitness

Credits 1

Introduces a self-paced physical exercise program encompassing cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and flexibility exercises. Incorporates individual and independent physical exercise and requires tracking exercises in a log/journal.

This is a hybrid course that may meet at the beginning and end of the term for pre/post evaluation.  

PE 182S: Tai Chi I

Credits 1

Explores this ancient form of gentle movement which emphasizes balance, concentration and coordination. Addresses traditional styles of Tai Chi, meditation and Yi (mind) development techniques in an easy to follow format.

The Tai Chi style taught may vary between instructors.

PE 183A: Beginning Hiking

Credits 1

Introduces hiking concepts and skills necessary to hike safely as a regular fitness activity. Includes fitness for hiking, route planning, safety, and environmental considerations. Required: Be able to comfortably walk on outdoor trails for three miles or more. Be prepared for day hiking trips off campus by providing your own transportation, parking fees and equipment.

Student provides appropriate clothing, shoes, and equipment. Small backpack, water bottle/bladder, and hiking or trail shoes required.

PE 247: Surfing

Credits 1

Introduces the fundamentals of the sport of surfing; including the history, safety, and etiquette of surfing. Covers the knowledge and experience needed to make intelligent decisions regarding present and future surfing sessions. Includes pool sessions and surfing in the ocean.

Each student will be charged an additional $105.00 on top of the class tuition to cover the cost of the pool rental, surfing gear, and additional instructors. All students will be required to provide their own transportation to the Newport Swimming Pool and Ossies Surf Shop on the days scheduled for those specific activities. All surfing rental gear will be provided by Ossies Surf Shop; student provides own swim suit, towel, and water bottle for the pool and surfing sessions.

PE 295: Health and Fitness for Life Lab

Credits 1

Explores the interrelationship of the five components of physical fitness, basic nutrition concepts, and stress management activities to increase individual health and wellness through lab sessions, fitness assessments, and fitness program development.

In this course students evaluate their personal health status. They will participate in all five components of wellness during the class and experience their interconnection. Health and Fitness Lab is a transferable course. Students must simultaneously enroll in HE 295 lecture. Lab sections are available for students with disabilities.