SOC 204: Sociology in Everyday Life

Credits 4
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Introduces the sociological perspective and the scientific study of human social behavior. Focuses on the core concepts, theories, and research on human interactions within social groups and how people are shaped by their social locations (status, roles, race, class, sex, age, etc.) within society's structures, stratification systems, and institutions, and by cultural processes such as socialization and group dynamics.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion students should be able to:

  • Apply sociological perspectives and the sociological imagination in their everyday lives, to reflect on structural and cultural contexts and current events.
  • Identify social inequality and stratification systems to evaluate the impact on societies.
  • Participate as active citizens in their societies and communities, demonstrating respect for diversity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Equivalent placement test scores also accepted.

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This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Cultural Literacy, Social Sciences/AAS, Social Sciences/AGS, Social Sciences/AS, Social Sciences/AAOT, Social Sciences/ASOT-B.